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Relationship Counselling

“Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of everything”. Having a good relationship
with yourself gives you important insights into your life.

Having a good relationship with yourself improves your relationships with others. As they
say in safety instructions on airplanes: Put on your oxygen mask before putting it on anyone
else, even a child.

Some issue I help clients explore in relationship therapy to self are:

  • Self-love and self-esteem

  • Rape, Abuse – Sexual and emotional, Trauma

  • Inner child work

  • Shadows and patterns exploration

  • Emotional reactions from guilt, fear, worries, shame, loneliness etc

  • Forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance – Developing your spiritual muscle

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Telephone +919650743338 or

Work Related Counselling

Most of us spend over 40 hours a week at work, so there is bound to be different stressors that
could affect your mental health in several ways.

I offer counselling and support for the following areas:

  •  Work life Balance and stress management

  • Interpersonal conflict and communication with co-workers, clients, bosses etc

  • Harassment

  • Career transition

Contact me via
Telephone +919650743338 or

Couple Counselling

  • Do you want help through a rough patch in your relationship?

  • Have you lost communication or emotional connection in your marriage?

  • Are you forever stuck in the same soul-destroying arguments?

  • Are you feeling betrayed or trapped?

  • Do you want an amicable separation while protecting your children?

  • Has your partner promised to make changes, only to disappoint you by going back to

  • his or her usual ways?

  • Do you fantasize about being with someone who would be a better fit with you?

  • Do you find yourself comparing your relationship to those of your friends and family

  • members?

Most couples come together with the desire to spend the rest of their lives together, but then
life can become complex, and things can go drastically wrong. Many issues can put strain on
a relationship, such a financial burden, differing expectations, parenting problems, stress,
work and family relationships and difference in hopes and dreams for the future.
Counselling can help you in the following way.

You can begin to identify your issues and find common ground, learn empathy for each other
and develop new communications strategies and skills, develop more nuanced ways of
understanding your own and your partner’s psychology, reawaken fun and friendship in the
marriage and decide what to do with the marriage.

Contact me via
Telephone +919650743338 or

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