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Expressive Art Therapy Club

Join my  monthly online Expressive Art Club, where members come together to explore their creativity, share experiences, and support each other in a therapeutic setting. This is a space for healing with creativity in a group setting. Each month, a different theme or technique will be explored using a variety of material to add depth to the creative experience. Two time slots with the same activity will be offered in different time zones.

Each session includes a featured art activity, group discussions, and an educational component to enhance your understanding and appreciation of art therapy. The session will provide a unique opportunity to engage in various art-making processes that foster self-expression, emotional healing, and personal growth.

The  club is designed for individuals of all skill levels and artistic backgrounds. Whether you are a seasoned artist or someone who has never held a paintbrush, the focus is on the process of creation rather than the final product. Through art, we aim to provide a relaxing and insightful experience that promotes mental well-being and community connection.


No prior art experience is necessary- just bring your curiosity and an open mine!

Join us and transform your relationship with art and yourself in a nurturing and inspiring environment.

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Subscription Plans

  • What is online counselling?
    Online counselling, also known as e-therapy or e-counselling, is a convenient way in which a therapist or counsellor provides coping mechanisms and support for everyday life situations. This can take place through email, video conferencing, online chat, messaging, or phone.
  • How long is each session?
    Each session will be one hour in duration.
  • Do you offer face to face therapy?
    Yes, in Delhi only
  • How do I sign up?
    Email: or Phone: 9650743338 We can set up a free chat for 15 minutes to see if we are a right fit for each other.
  • What is the cost per session?
    The charges are as follows. Introductory session: Rs 1000/- per hour Online and in person counselling session: Rs 1500/- per Hour – National $40 per hour - International
  • How do I pay for the session?
    You can pay with PayPal, Cash, Paytm or Bank transfer.
  • Is there a number I can call for enquires?
    You may call at 9650743338 or email at
  • What is Art therapy?
    Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses artmaking as a form of expression and communication for people experiencing difficulties in their lives. Art therapy has two form “Art in therapy” and “Art as therapy”. The art in therapy focuses on the content and meaning in the artwork while the later focuses on the process. Art therapy allows for creative expression that can overcome the limitations of language. In other words, if an idea or emotion is too difficult, confusing, or painful to be said, written, or signed, then maybe drawing, painting, sculpting, colouring, sewing, collaging, poetry, storytelling and movement can surpass the stumbling block of language.
  • What is the difference between an Art therapy and art class?
    The key difference is that where an art class is focused on teaching technique or creating a specific finished product, art therapy is more about letting clients focus on their inner experience.  In creating art, people are able to focus on their own perceptions, imagination, and feelings.
  • What techniques do you use in your work apart from Art Therapy?
    While Art therapy is the cornerstone of my work, I also use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, EFT, and Spiritual Response Therapy in my work with clients and in workshops.
  • What types of activities does the club offer?
    Each month we will have multiple art directives on a theme. We will actively engage with variety of material as per the theme. E.g., of these art materials are paint, clay, collage, photographs, nature based, journaling , neurographica as per the directives chosen.
  • Are there any skill level requirements to join the club?
    No. Anyone can join as this is an expressive art club not an art class. Minimum age to join is fifteen .
  • How often does the club meet, and what is the usual schedule?
    We meet on fourth Saturday of each month. To accommodate multiple time zones, we have two timing, and you can join either. Saturday : 1130 – 12.30 am IST- Local participants. Saturday: - 6- 7 pm IST – International time zone participants
  • What are the costs or membership fees associated with the club?
    The fee is as per the subscription tiers you choose. The same is shared in the subscription section above.
  • Who leads the club and what qualifications do they have?
    The club is led by Monica Kapur. She is a art therapist who loves working with people and removing mental blocks that may be preventing them from being awesome. She guides them toward learning to live the life of their dreams by providing a non-judgmental, genuine, and collaborative therapeutic environment. She practices in-person therapy in Delhi, India as well as teletherapy online across the world. You can know more about me by visiting the ABOUT page.
  • How does the club handle feedback and involvement in planning events or activities?
    We will send a feedback form after one months to members asking for suggestion and take a poll on what theme the group wants to work with each month.
  • How are the club's activities conducted ?
    The meeting is done online.
  • What digital platforms or tools do we need to participate?
    Google meet
  • How do I pay for the expressive art therapy club?
    You can pay with PayPal, Cash, Paytm or Bank transfer.
  • Is there a number I can call for enquires?
    You may call at 9650743338 or email at
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