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Spiritual Response Therapy

Cellular memories from your soul journey through scores of lifetimes clutter your spirit and distort your belief system. Old vows, reasons, suspicions, limitations, and the like, causing detriment lifetime after lifetime, that now serve you no more, must be replaced by loving and supporting beliefs. This is where SRT comes in.

Robert E. Detzler developed in his lifetime this discipline of SRT making way for a “clearer future”. Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is an amazing spiritual healing method that works on a soul level to release negative programming. Releasing subconscious mind programs, past life energies and soul programs allows the soul to move into its full expression of joy and prosperity.

In SRT we use a pendulum as a movement amplifier and pointer as one communicates with one’s High Self Committee. We use this technique to help navigate the use of the SRT charts.

This method of healing is used as a tool with a balanced, overall approach to good health.

Contact me via
Telephone +919650743338 or
Cost : Rs 5000 ( 2 hour session)

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